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Divorce by Internet

Divorce by Internet is a South African Online Divorce Service where we offer reliable professional assistance during the entire procedure of your divorce to make it as easy and as quick as legally possible. We have a 100% success rate over the years.

Our clients are very important to us and your personal information is treated with the highest confidentially and will not mmmmbe given to any other party except with permission from you.

We have a number of Divorce Options to suit your unique circumstances in obtaining an uncontested divorce.  Also, please refer to "Divorce Options & Costs" in our menu bar for full details. We strife to accommodate all and arrangements can be made to work on a "pay as you go" basis. Although we recommend that the fee due be divided in no more than four payments.

Basically, this is how it works:

Divorce Option 1 -  R10 000                                                        We offer a full service and arrange everything on your behalf. Unopposed divorces. You are required to appear in court on the court allocated date.

We do almost everything on your behalf,  all you have to do is complete our online application form which we will send to you & pay the required fee/arranged deposit. We process your papers and e-mail them to you for approval and signature and have them issued at High Court and served on the Defendant (your spouse).  Your presence is required in court on your arranged court date unless you wish us to arrange an advocate to appear on your behalf at an additional fee. On average the court hearing itself lasts approximately 5 minutes. The Judge will grant your decree of divorce. Then after approximately 10 days, we collect your original divorce certificate on your behalf after which we contact you to make the necessary arrangements for you to collect it or alternatively have it send on to you.
In the event that you prefer that an advocate attend the court hearing on your behalf or if you are unable to attend the court hearing, there will be an additional payment of approximately R5000 due and payable in advance. 

However, attending the court hearing in person is not a difficult task. The presiding Judge may ask you an easy question or two regarding your divorce but do not require lengthy explanations, just a short answer.

Under Option 1 we also pay the Sheriff's fees provided your spouse collects his/her documents from the Sheriff's Office or alternatively, we will pay for one normal personal attempt of service on Defendant either at the Defendant's home or workplace. The time and place can be arranged with the Sheriff in advance. (
In the event that the Sheriff is required to make more than one attempt of service on the Defendant then you will be responsible to pay such additional Sheriff's fees to us in advance as required by the Sheriff).

Also see  'Divorce Options and Costs'.

Divorce Option 2  -   R 2 500 - 'unopposed'   DIY divorce
The cheapest divorce but by no means inferior. It just means that we prepare all necessary court documents on your behalf but then you would be required to take over all the further processing and arrangements which would involve making various copies of your documents,  going to court quite a few times to make arrangements and at least twice to the Sheriff's Office and pay the Sheriff's fees.  If there are minor children involved, you would also have to register the case with the Family Advocate and obtain their approval. Once you receive your court date, you would be required to briefly appear in court before your divorce decree is granted.  However, we provide you with an easy to follow step-by-step guide explaining the entire procedure, free of charge. 

Divorce Option 3
Opposed Divorces or where your spouse is missing or overseas

We have an attorney working with us to assist clients with opposed divorce cases, cases where the spouse is missing or overseas etc.  Please contact us for a free quotation in respect of any of these matters.

"Unopposed" or Uncontested divorces

An "uncontested" divorce in short refers to a divorce where both the parties in the action (the spouses) agree to a divorce and are willing to enter into an agreement which is then later transformed into a written Divorce Settlement Agreement.  We process all the typed legal documents you would require in court for your entire divorce. (The information contained in the legal documents are  based on the information you provide to us on the Divorce Application Form).  There is a money back guarantee on our service. 

We are not lawyers but professional qualified paralegal practitioners and divorce consultants with legal background and our objective is to offer a highly professional divorce service at affordable costs as opposed to the exorbitant lawyer's fees.  We have access to the services of an attorney and if needed, an advocate at an additional fee.  

It is not only economical to reach a mutual agreement when instituting a divorce action it is a win-win situation in all respects. Almost all lawyers require large sums of money upfront to accept a 'defended divorce case', one where the one spouse is defending the matter for instance on the grounds that he/she disagrees with the sharing of the assets and/or care and contact of minor children. When a 'defended/opposed' matter goes to court, an advocate is required and then further large amounts of legal fees are due to be paid upfront. Sometimes, the assets which the parties are fighting for is just not worth the legal fees in the end.  It is highly advisable for parties to reach an amicable divorce settlement between them, particularly where there are not adequate funds to defend a case in court. 

When there are minor children involved, we ensure that their interests are considered and protected.  

It is certainly worth trying your utmost to reach an amicable divorce settlement

With our professional assistance you can obtain your uncontested divorce at a fraction of the usual expensive legal costs. 

Plaintiff's appearance in Court
No divorce can be legally granted without the Plaintiff's appearance in Court. However, the appearance is usually only very briefly, approximately five minutes or so during which the Judge usually asks the Plaintiff a few questions regarding his/her personal information as contained in the Summons document.  

One of the parties to the divorce must act as the Plaintiff. It may be anyone of the spouses but it must be the spouse who will appear in Court on the day of divorce.

When undefended / unopposed divorce turns into an opposed divorce
In the event that your spouse indicates to you at anytime during the process of an Undefended divorce that he/she no longer intends to enter into a Settlement Agreement and the dispute between you cannot be sorted out, you should contact us without delay since you may require an attorney and/advocate and we could give you valuable information/recommendations in this regard. 

We prefer to communicate via e-mail /sms/ Whatsapp / legal courier an telephone.
In order for us to provide such a professional service at really affordable fees, we prefer to communicate via the above-mentioned methods. However, should we require urgent information / clarification from you at anytime during the process, we will telephone you. Alternatively, you may telephone us at the following numbers: 
061 449 4630  or  011 706 6008 during office hours. 

If needed, we meet with the parties in person.

Should you wish to institute a divorce, proceed as follows:

1.  Telephone or e-mail us for a link to our secure Online Divorce Application form. 
     Once we receive your completed application form, we will require you to make                   payment/or prearranged deposit before processing your divorce documentation.

 2.   Pay or make an electronic internet banking transfer of the amount applicable 
       to the Divorce Option of your choice, into our bank account,  the details of which is as                 

       Account:                  Divorce by Internet
       Bank:                       FNB
      Account no:             62344702156
       Type of account:      Cheque account
       Branch Code:          251655

3.   Please e-mail/SMS/Whatsapp proof of your payment to divorcebyinternet@gmail.com or 
      061 449 4630.  Your name is your reference on the proof of payment.
4.   Remember to reflect the e-mail address or fax number where you would like to 
      receive your Divorce Information Questionnaire and your divorce documents once 

5.   Our Divorce Information Questionnaire will be forwarded to the e-mail address 
      provided. (If you do not have e-mail, it can be send to you manually),  

6.   Once you have 
completed your Divorce Information Questionnaire and clicked 
       "submitted" your form will immediately be send to our inbox.

7.   Upon
 receipt of your fully completed Divorce Information Questionnaire, we will  
      generate your professional divorce documents without delay, usually within a few 
      days. We allow a few days in order for your documents to be checked for accuracy by 
      our professional staff. 

8.   If you have chosen Divorce Option 2, (where you take over the entire handling of the 
      matter) your complete set of divorce documents including the Settlement Agreement (if              required) will then be emailed back to you together with our easy to follow step-by-step              instructions completely free of charge where-after you are responsible to do all things                  necessary to obtain your decree of divorce. However, in the event that you experience any        problems with regards the interpretation of our free step-by-step instructions, we provide a          free e-mail support until the end of the divorce procedure.    

9.    In the event that you have chosen Divorce Option 2, your complete set of documents 
     will still be emailed or faxed back to you for your approval and signature but then we 
     will do all all further arrangements, administrative work and queuing on your behalf. 
     Provided off course that the Plaintiff in the matter must appear in court on the court 
     date. We even collect your decree of divorce from the court when ready and forward 
     same onto you.


Your personal information is extremely safe with us will not be released to anyone unless you give permission to do so. In addition, no personal information will be released for any commercial or other purpose unless forced to do so by a court of law.      

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Cell phone:  061 449 4630  - Landline:  011 706 6008 (Office) 

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